Is (still) history of archaeology useful? (2019, Rome)

The “Is (still) history of archaeology useful?” meeting, organized by Alessandro Guidi and Sébastien Plutniak, was held in Rome, 10-11 September 2019, thanks to the support of the Roma 3 University, the Muciv – Museo delle Civiltà, and the École française de Rome.


Click on the picture to access the program in pdf version.
  • Laura Coltofean-Arizancu, The status of the history of archaeology in Romania and Hungary.
  • Marzena Woźny, New branch of science or just subsidiary discipline? History of archaeology in Poland.
  • Alessandro Guidi & Federico Nomi, For an history of Italian archaeological historiography.
  • Sébastien Plutniak, Historian of archaeology embedded: some considerations from three recent research projects integrating archaeological research and history of archaeology.
  • Géraldine Delley, History of archaeology in museums.
  • Daniele Aureli & Roxane Rocca, The Lower Palaeolithic site of Cimitero di Atella : between past and present.
  • Bettina Arnold, New perspectives in the history of European archaeology in the US: Old World/New World comparative analyses then and now.
  • Ana Cristina Martins, History of archaeology and local development: heritage, memory, territory.
  • Margarita Díaz-Andreu & Ulf R. Hansson, General discussion.

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