Margarita Díaz Andreu @ IUPPS History of archaeology

ICREA Professor Margarita Díaz-Andreu is a prehistoric archaeologist based at the University of Barcelona (Spain), where she moved in 2012 after 16 years at Durham University (UK). She has been researching on the history of archaeology for two decades. Her publications have focused on nationalism and imperialism, gender, interdisciplinarity, archaeological tourism, social networks and geographies of knowledge either in relation to particular countries such as Spain and Britain or to wider geographical areas. She has produced more than a hundred publications on the history of archaeology. Her books include Archaeology and Nationalism in Europe (with Tim Champion 1996, republished in 2015), Excavating women. A History of Women in European Archaeology (with Marie Louise Stig Sørensen 1998), A World History of Nineteenth-Century Archaeology (2007), and Archaeological Encounters (2012). She has been the Principal Investigator of several projects including the Area Project IV (leader of the UK team, 2005-08), Archaeology Without Frontiers (2013-16) and InterArq (2017-19). She has supervised several PhDs on the history of archaeology.

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Research interests

  • Biography
  • Colonialism-imperialism
  • Nationalism
  • Networks
  • Tourism
  • Women in Archaeology


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